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Rock Solid Tribute Feb 16, 2013

This week we are getting ready for a night of Rock Solid Tributes. We are going to cover 3 local tribute bands in one power packed show at Monte’s. The bands playing include one of our favourites The Red Hot ChiliPeckers. These guys offer a high energy, funkadelic rendition of all the greatest Peppers classics.

MOntes peckers

The members of The Chili Peckers are: 

  • Caesar – lead vocals
  • Ben Perry – lead guitar and backround vocals
  • Joe Hollery – drums and backround vocals
  • Joe Hooley – bass guitar

The Peckers also feature backup vocals provided by the one and only Juke Box Ninja.

Sticky Fingers open the show and will be rocking out all the best from The Rolling Stones.

The second act of the evening Petty Larceny bring us their tribute to Tom Petty.


Ceaser and The Red Hot Chili Peckers will be headlining the show.

Hope to see you all at the show and dont forget to come back early next week for our full coverage of this rockin’ event.


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