Rockin' HRM

My up close and personal look at the local live rock music scene


This site has been an idea that I wanted to do for a long time but for what ever reason it never happened until now. During my late teens and twenties, HRM was an amazing place for live rock music. There were numerous clubs to choose from, depending on the band you wanted to see the most. We had the larger clubs like The Crazy Horse, The Palace and The Misty Moon all featuring world class live acts on a weekly basis.

Because live bands seem to be the only thing capable of getting me out of the house, I decided I should try and cover some of these shows to let everyone know that the music scene in HRM is alive and kicking.

I hope to update this site as often as possible, so if you like what you see make sure to come back again and see what’s new.

If you are in a local band, or work at a club that supports live rock music, feel free to contact me with information about live Rock events in HRM.

Stephen Ruxton


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