Nov 9, 2015 : Halestorm and Three Days Grace made a stop in Halifax for a Monday night show at The Halifax Forum Multi Purpose Centre. This room can hold up to 2,200 people when configured for a General Admission show like the one tonight.

It’s now just about 8PM as the lights go down in The Multi Purpose Centre and Halestorm is ready to take the stage. Halestorm, a hard hitting 4 piece band from Pennsylvania, are fronted by guitarist/vocalist Lizzy Hale. They are currently touring in support of their latest release, “Into The Wild Life”.

Lizzy Hale -- Halestorm
Lizzy Hale — Halestorm

Halestorm started their set with “Sick Individual” from “Into The Wild Life” and judging by the applause, the crowd was obviously feeling the energy by showing Halestorm some love. Having never seen this band before I was quickly impressed by the energy that they put into their live show.

Arejay Hale - Halestorm
Arejay Hale – Halestorm

When many of us think of Halestorm, Lizzy Hale is the first thing that pops into our minds. There is also this crazy madman of a drummer dude “Arejay Hale” representing the Hale family. He was one of the most entertaining drummers I have seen in quite some time.


Halestorm mainained the intensity throughout their set, and the crowd went crazy when Lizzy Hale asked if they were “Freaks” like her. This obviously led into “Freak Like Me” and they finished their set off with “I Miss the Misery”, leaving those in attendance wanting more. It would be nice to bring Halstorm back for a show as the headliner because a 45 minute opening time slot didn’t seem long enough.

During the intermission I was thinking Three Days Grace was going to have their hands full topping the performance that Halestorm brought to the stage.

Three Days Grace - Halifax NS
Three Days Grace – Halifax NS

When the lights went down and the intro to “I am Machine” started, it was obvious that they had peoples attention right from the start. In 2014 Three Days Grace experienced a rebirth of sorts when they added vocalist Matt Walst to the band.

Matt Walst - Three Days Grace
Matt Walst – Three Days Grace

Walst is no stranger to the guys in Three Days Grace considering his brother Brad handles the bass guitar role. He was also involved in writing a couple early songs many years before joining the band himself.

Brad Walst - Three Days Grace
Brad Walst – Three Days Grace

On March 31,2015 Three Days Grace released their current CD named “HUMAN”. The first two singles, “Painkiller” and “I am Machine” are a good representation of the dark and heavier feel of this release.

Barry Scott - Three Days Grace
Barry Scott – Three Days Grace

The show included material both old and new including a personal favorite, “I Hate Everything About You” from back in 2003.

Three Days Grace

  • Matt Walst [lead vocals] joined 2014
  • Barry Stock [lead guitar]
  • Brad Walst [bass]
  • Neil Sanderson [drums, percussion, keyboards, programming]

To sum up the night, I think both bands nailed their respective sets, leaving a happy crowd and a happy reviewer. The sound and lighting was much better then anticipated considering the low ceiling and concrete floors. Overall if I had to rate the night I would give the show a 4/5. The one big complaint I kept hearing throughout the entire night, was the poor setup for entering the building. I know people that waited in line for close to an hour, while the box office entrance was an instant in. I think someone needs to look into a better way of routing the people into the building.