Last fall The Lazys made their HRM debut on a Monday night at Montes Showbar and Grill. Sadly this venue was booked on the date that The Lazys were to hit town, so Mike Campbell, who brought these guys to town, had to find a venue and settled on The Seahorse Tavern. The Seahorse Tavern is located in the lower half of The Marquee Ballroom which is in downtown Halifax.

For the majority of this tour The Lazys shared the stage with Canadian bands One Bad Son or Danko Jones. When they made their way to Atlantic Canada they ventured out on their own for shows in Moncton, Halifax and Charlottetown before heading back home. The Seahorse Tavern played host to this energetic 5 piece rock band from Terrigal, NSW Australia, on Saturday May 16, 2015. The Halifax show was the 2nd to last show of the tour, and I have to admit I was pumped to see these guys live again.

The Lazys - Leon Harrison
The Lazys – Leon Harrison

The band is fronted by the charismatic Leon Harrison. If you are looking for a frontman with more energy then I can fathom, Harrison is the man for the job. His onstage performance should leave you begging for more.

The Lazys - Matty Lazy
The Lazys – Matty Lazy

The lead guitar duties are taken care of by Mat Morris AKA “Matty Lazy”. Ok let me start by saying this guy is a total madman on stage. If this dude can’t entertain you there is something wrong. I’m not sure what they feed these guys in Australia but it must be similar to Viagra for the entire body.

Liam Shearer - guitar  Glenn Williams - bass
Liam Shearer – guitar / Glenn Williams – bass

Liam Shearer looks after the rhythm guitar and Glenn Williams plays the bass guitar. Both individuals are somewhat more reserved on stage then Harrison or Morris but they also contribute with backing vocals and provide 2/3 of a solid rhythm section.

Jay Braslin - drums
Jay Braslin – drums

The final member of The Lazys is drummer Jay Braslin. Braslin does a fine job of keeping things tight with his solid beats and rumor has it he is a qualified Barber as well. Looking at the rest of his mates in the band I get the feeling he doesn’t cut their hair.

Time to get back to the show and voice my opinion on the evening. Overall I totally enjoyed my night out in Halifax and both bands delivered. The Seahorse Tavern recently relocated to this venue and they did a good job making the place look like it had been there forever. They have a really nice stage for their entertainment, and depending on the type of show they may have adequate lighting and PA in place. Sadly to host an act like The Lazys I feel that The Seahorse dropped the ball on the production side of things. I found that the lighting was poor and did very little to enhance appearance of the stellar performance that The Lazys provided. The PA system might be great for acoustic or small bands, but I found the PA was sub par. The mix itself was fine, but the PA lacked the punch required “In My Opinion” to properly fill the venue; which to me takes away from the level of raw energy you should get from a Lazys live show.

The show was supposed to be an early one but I would estimate a 60 – 90 minute delay in the advertised show time. The local band Black City Avenger eventually opened the show with a set of solid original rock songs. I have seen this band on a few other occasions and feel they are improving each time out. When The Lazys got to the stage I made sure to get up close so I could feel the energy and man oh man they bring it. This day and age many of acts that play the club circuit go out of their way to not look like a band and seem like they are glued to one spot on the stage. The Lazys however bring the energy that we often experience in a major concert setting. I feel safe to say that The Lazys are more then capable of rocking any major arena stage let alone what the see in most clubs.

If I were to rate the night I would give The Lazys performance a 9.5 out of 10 but I was shocked by the small turnout for this show which had a very reasonable $10 cover charge. I hope this band comes back sooner then later but based on the poor attendance I would not be surprised if they passed us by next time around.