Friday February 14, 2014 — This winter has been long and hard when compared to recent years with storms every week. One way I know of fighting the winter blah’s is to go to your favorite entertainment venue and catch a good live Rock show. I have always been a fan of tribute bands as long as they make an effort to portray the actual artist. The bands that just take the stage to play 1 or 2 sets of artist specific material without the accompanying show are a dime a dozen. Dressed 2 Kill take the extra time and effort to look the part as well as play the music of rock & roll hall of fame inductee’s KISS.

With my car in the shop, I was wondering how I was going to get to Montes. I could get there using local transit but getting home would be a different beast. There is no transit available at that late hour and for some reason TAXI service is especially poor in this area. This issue hurts everyone involved. The people that want to enjoy a few cold beverages won’t attend shows because of how difficult it is to get a TAXI. This is something I have never done in one of my articles but,….LOCAL POLITICIANS should take notice because the BEST LIVE venue in HRM cant draw people to their drinking establishment if they can’t get their patrons home safe and sound. If I remember correctly it might take 3-5 minutes tops to get from Main Street in Dartmouth to Montes on the Waverly Road.

Paul “Stanley” Stephens, Scott “The Demon” Harnish, Kevin “SPACEMAN” McCann and Mark “The Cat” Wheatley make up the Halifax based KISS tribute band Dressed 2 Kill. Dressed 2 Kill performed 2 solid sets of classic KISS material that spaned the entire KISS archive. To give you the idea of what to expect from one of their live shows check out the video and image gallery below.