It’s the first weekend of July and HRM has heated up with unusually hot and humid weather. This weekend was the start of the 2013 Halifax Jazz Festival as well as the extremely popular Cavendish Beach Festival on Prince Edward Island. Fans of live music in HRM this week have a wide variety of options when it comes to making a choice of which acts to take in.

Originally I was supposed to be filling a volunteer shift at The Marquee, but a schedule conflict opened up my night. With temperatures in the high 80’s, the heat didn’t stop me from getting out to enjoy a night of live Rock and Roll at Monte’s done AC/DC style. The act we caught is an AC/DC tribute band from Ontario called Who Made Who. These guys are very dedicated and claim to be the only Canadian AC/DC tribute that tours full time from coast to coast.

The band is made up of Jamie Constant on Drums, Dave Huber on Bass guitar and background vocals, Joe Strub takes care of Rhythm guitar and background vocals, Scott Folkerson takes on the Lead guitar and role of Angus and finally the band is fronted by vocalist Dan Hunter.

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I am sad to say the crowd at Monte’s was surprisingly small for an AC/DC tribute, but with the Jazz Festival and Cavendish Beach Festival also taking place, it could explain why. Despite the small crowd, frontman Dan Hunter did his best to get those in attendance involved in the show.

P1090547 P1090628

The lead guitar player Scott Folkerson did a good job reproducing the sound and guitar style of Angus. Scott’s guitar playing was great, but on this night, his energy on stage wasn’t close to the level that makes people love Angus so much. He did get into it more on a few classic songs like TNT and Jailbreak, so we know he is more then capable, yet for this show he appeared somewhat uninspired by the small turnout. The rest of the band members combined for a tight well rehearsed music that shows their dedication to the music of AC/DC. I’m sure it is difficult for any band that is greeted with a small audience, but those that paid to get in, regardless of their numbers, want to see the best show they can.

We hope that Who Made Who returns to Monte’s some time down the road; and with any luck, they will see what the people of HRM are really like. In closing I really enjoyed my night of AC/DC classics brought to you by the guys in Who Made Who. Even with the small turnout they pulled off 2 sets of high voltage rock and roll. Thanks for the entertaining evening guys you really do rock!!

Last but not least I thought some of you may like to see some footage from the show. I hope you enjoy the video’s.

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