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May 10 2013 – The rock band KISS has been recording music and touring the world since 1973. Even after all these years they remain one of the big draws on the live concert circuit. Today we are going to review a club date by Atlantic Canada’s premiere KISS tribute, Dressed 2 Kill. The show took place at Montes Bar and Grill in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Montes is one of the best live venues in the Halifax/Dartmouth area providing bands with a top quality lighting and PA system. With Bruce Nelson from Tour Tech East as the house audio tech; worries about good sound quality are not an issue.

Dressed 2 Kill were originally a cover band known as 1 Lady Driver but they started doing their KISS tribute in 2007 after a Halloween party gig. For the final set they decided to throw some grease paint on their faces and perform some popular KISS tunes. The crowd loved it and Dressed 2 Kill was born.

Fast forward 6 years to 2013 and Dressed 2 Kill have dedicated themselves to build props for their stage show and stage costumes similar to the ones worn by KISS back in the Destroyer years.

P1040857  P1040850

The band is fronted by Paul “Stanley” Stephens who fills the role of “Star Child”. Paul has spent countless hours refining his Paul Stanley persona. He delivered solid vocals and did an excellent job mimicking all the stage moves of the “Star Child”.

P1040849  P1040873

The role of Gene Simmons is filled by Scott Harnish. Once Scott is in costume he is a spitting image of the “Demon”. Scott is a great bass player and has got Gene’s character down to an art. Dressed 2 Kill’s fire-breathing, blood spitting Gene Simmons replica does not disappoint.

P1040889  P1050026

Kevin McCann handles the lead guitar duties taking on the role of Ace “Space Ace” Frehley. His stage appearance was spot on, and his guitar playing left us completely satisfied with a killer rendition of the “Space Ace”. Kevin brought Ace’s character to life on the stage at Monte’s for the duration of their 90 minute set.


Mark Wheatley takes on the challenging job of playing Peter Criss. Mark is a solid drummer with 25 years experience. He has covered many genre’s over the years playing a mix of rock, blues and gospel music. Mark like his fellow band mates does a fine job both visually and technically completing the solid roster of Dressed 2 Kill.

Dressed 2 Kill put on a very enjoyable 90 minute set that spanned pretty much the entire KISS library.

Here is the set list from the show at Montes:
1. Deuce
2. Strutter
3. Got To Choose
4. Firehouse
5. Hotter Than Hell
6. Cold Gin
7. C’Mon and Love Me
8. Parasite
9. She – Guitar Solo
10. Shock Me
11. Love Gun
12. Shout it out Loud
13. God of Thunder
14. 100,000 years – Drum solo
15. Lick it Up
16. All American Man
17. Calling Dr Love
18. Detroit Rock City (end show)
19. Rock and Roll All Night — encore

Here is a video from the show at Montes:

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 â€“ The Dressed 2 Kill show was an incredible entertainment value that should please most die hard KISS fans. The entire set was performed with an extremley high energy level. Visually you could easily confuse Dressed 2 Kill for the real thing playing a secret club date and musically they were right on cue. If you want more information about Dressed 2 Kill stop by their website.

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