Before we get started, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions.

sruxton: After 30 years or so what inspired you to do the reunion?

Jackie: There was no real inspiration to do a reunion. It was actually kind of damage control. Our very first lead guitar player, Steve Richard, wanted to get together and play, just for the fun of it. So we were going to get a blues band together and I had approached Christopher Cromwell, Razorboy’s second bass player, who had been trying to get me to do something musical. At the onset, it was getting too complicated, so we let it rest. Chris had continued to hound me to do something, so I told him Steve had to be involved, because he too, had wanted to put a band together. Chris wanted to get a bunch of good looking young guys to play in the band. I had told Chris that I had always wanted to play with Peter Dolomont, even though I could not remember how he played. So we made the call and had a meeting. That was the start of the band, it was not supposed to be Razorboy!! It was just supposed to be a good rock band made up of a.) the nicest guys we could find b.) who only wanted to play for fun, not money c.) talent wasn’t really an issue and most importantly d.) we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves !! It was not meant to become a “Razorboy” !!

sruxton: How difficult was the choice of muscians when putting the current lineup together?

Jackie: In picking out the musicians, it wasn’t really hard, as it was complex ! We had Steve Richard on lead guitar, Christopher Cromwell on bass, Ronnie Heustis on keyboards and myself on vocals, All Razorboy Alumnae !! We had Peter Dolomont on guitar and vocals, from the 80’s-90’s, and more recently, of Lip’s fame and of course, Crossroads with Chad Conrad. I wanted to ask Rob Smith to complete the band as an ex-Razorboy drummer to complete the fold to make 6 Razorboy Alumnae in the band ! Complications, unexpected, Ronnie gets diagnosed with throat cancer!! Chris doesn’t/or only wants to work with certain people. Later, Chris quits ! Right away, we went from 6 to 3 Razorboy Alumnae and this is after Chris posts on Facebook that Razorboy is officially back together !! This is where the damage control comes in ! The new band was never supposed to be Razorboy !!

Now at last year’s Tour Tech Party in 2012, I was hanging out with keyboard player, Jeff Roberts, and drummer, Derek Bellefontaine. Jeff had puts his hand on my shoulder and said, “If you ever decide to do a Razorboy reunion, and Ronnie can’t do it, I’m your man. I would really like to do it !” I remembered this, and decided to get Peter Dolomont to give Jeff and Derek a call, to see if they would be interested in playing with us in a band . It was not supposed to be Razorboy !! Until after our first practice, Chris made the announcement on Facebook . Damage Control, the Facebook announcement goes viral and then Chris leaves the band as we are changing the direction of just being another band, to becoming the clone of a cover band- Razorboy 2012- We now have to find a new bass player right away as festivals and gigs are tentatively booked ! No musicians like to rehearse anymore, they simply show up to the gig ?!?! What the… ?? We finally found the best fit possible with someone who didn’t mind rehearsing–Ian Fancy of 80’s-90’s rockers-Kradle- We are happy and continue to start over once again, this time to create Razorboy 2012


sruxton: What was the biggest obstacle you ran into while preparing for the reunion shows at Monte’s?

Jackie: The biggest obstacle that we ran into while preparing for Monte’s was rehearsal time !! It’s not like in the old days !! Bands used to get together and rehearse all day, all night, and whatever they did, they did together !! Today, everyone has a full time job, different hours, family and lots of responsibilities !! And the boys in the band travel all over the world !! There are not many opportunities where we can get together and rehearse for an extended period of time. And when we are not rehearsing , there is pretty well ZERO contact ! The bonding experience was Monte’s !! The only other obstacle was going in to Monte’s and not sounding, nor looking like every other band that played there . How do we get a Crazy Horse, Misty Moon, Palace, Razorboy light show in a place with eight foot ceilings ?!?!

sruxton: How did the overwelming response from fans @ Monte’s make you feel after being away for so many years ?

Jackie: The response from the audience was completely overwhelming at Monte’s over that weekend !!! We tried to tease everyone into coming out and reliving the past, and I was like, I am totally unprepared ! Where are the personal trainers, where are the vocal coaches, where are the plastic surgeons, we need miracle workers ?!?! I fretted for a long time waiting for the Monte’s gig, and it felt like, in five minutes, it was over ! I missed talking to old friends and hanging out. I was so caught up in what was happening, it was like, I missed the magic ! I have always missed the scene of the late 70’s to the early 90’s. It was a great time to be my age, and when I left, I felt the scene had fallen apart ! No more Misty Moon, no more Crazy Horse, Subway, Network, Ice House, Crickets, etc. I think Monte’s made us all feel, it was good to be back home !!

sruxton: We know you were offered a high profile New Years Eve gig at the Palace but ended up having to decline. How hard was it to decide not to use local replacements to make the gig happen?

Jackie: Believe it or not, we already knew that our drummer Derek would be away with his lovely wife in Europe and Jeff , our keyboard player would be vacationing with family in Florida. The Palace had contacted us at the end of November, we had just had a very successful event at Monte’s and we were supercharged to go back in time and play The Palace, where pretty well everything began ! I was so excited !! We did get Rob Smith to sub for Derek on the drum stool. He was excited, over the top, I was excited!! We tried sooo hard to make it work, but we could not find a keyboard player at short notice to fill Jeff’s big shoes, that he had established at Monte’s . We even thought of doing it as a guitar band, playing Judas Priest, Helix, Sammy Hagar, etc. It ended up that it would of looked like a money grabbing opportunity, flying off the heels of the Monte’s gig, and it just didn’t feel right ! We didn’t want to mess with a good product ! We want to play again ! Our biggest fear, and our biggest obstacle from the beginning, is that we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves or not make The Palace proud !

sruxton: The annual Tour Tech East charity event for The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia took place recently, how special did it feel that Razorboy was selected as one of the artists to perform on the main stage for your 2nd gig back ?

Jackie: The Tour Tech Party: We are great friends and fans of everyone at Tour Tech East, and the most fun, I have every year, is at The Tour Tech After Xmas Bash, where you hang out with your peers. Just when you thought, it couldn’t get any better than Monte’s !! There was Tour Tech !! God love Peter and Lori, who do this every year in support of The Aids Coalition of Nova Scotia, in memory of their brother, Jamie Hendrickson . Tour Tech is always magical to everyone who plays there, every year ! We want to play it again, and next time hopefully for a little longer! You were there, the air was electric and once again, over before you knew it . Time flies when you are having fun, especially when you are trying soo hard to entertain the people you love !! We want to play again !!

We want to thank Joe Mader for sharing this video on YouTube.

Razorboy rockin’ Tour Tech East 2013

Thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to answer our questions. You guys rocked the Tour Tech party and we look forward to more from Razorboy in 2013