Earlier this week we posted a preview for an evening of Rock Solid Tributes that was being held @ Montes’s on the Waverly Rd in Dartmouth. Well last night the event took place, featuring 3 of HRM’s tribute bands. Sadly the crowd at Monte’s was sparse at best as we waited for the show to begin.

The first act to hit the stage was Sticky Fingers. Even with the small audience, these guys rocked the stage @ Monte’s as if there was a full house. They entertained us with a solid set of Stones classics and got the night off to a good start. This was our first time seeing these guys perform, and they definitely made a good first impression.


After a short break Petty Larceny was getting ready to take the stage. This is another act that we had not seen before but had heard good things from those that had. We are big Tom Petty fans so we waited impatiently for their set to begin. Over all their set was good but their intensity level did not match that of Sticky Fingers. We understand that the crowd was not very large but this seemed to have a noticeably negative impact on on the bands frontman. I hate to say this but we were left with the impression that he was hoping their set would end as quickly as possible. Hopefully this assessment doesn’t create any bad feelings because it is after all just our personal opinion.


After two solid performances we are left with only one more band to complete our tribute night @ Monte’s. Tonight’s headliners are The Red Hot Chili Peckers who are fronted by “Caesar”, the man responsible for the existence of Rock Solid Tributes. What can we say about this guy other than he puts as much enthusiasm into promoting the shows as he does while on stage getting funky with his fellow ChiliPeckers. Every time I have spoken to Caesar, he has been very up beat and his stage presence reflects his positive approach. This is the third time in the past couple months that we have seen the ChiliPeckers, and after each time we were left wanting more. All the musicians in the ChiliPeckers do an excellent job covering the material, serving up a very tight and high energy show.


In closing we honestly hope more people discover Monte’s because it is a great venue that provides high quality live entertainment. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening other then the pouring rain that was taking place outside. We hope people spread the word so future shows from Rock Solid Tribute draw larger crowds to Monte’s. If tonight is an example of the quality of the bands presented, you won’t be disappointed!