Let’s start off taking a trip back to the rockin’ 80′s.  Anyone that prowled the streets of Halifax/Dartmouth late at night searching for their fix of live Rock music, will remember Jackie Smith, and his band Razorboy. They were one of the most popular bands that regularly appeared on stage at The Crazy Horse or The Misty Moon, depending on which side of the harbour you were on.

They were known for their endless energy on stage; so you could expect an evening that consisted of a pounding PA system and a killer light show. Back then the night life in HRM was second to none, but as the times changed, so did the number of local venue’s that feature live bands on a regular basis. With only memories remaining from the 80’s club scene, Jackie took things into his own hands and shook things up by making the return of Razorboy a reality.

Fast forward to December, 2012. Razorboy selected Monte’s on the Waverly Rd to host their reunion. Monte’s was created as a venue to feature live local talent similar to the Misty Moon back in the day. While nowhere near the size of the Misty Moon, it offers a friendly environment and remains a great venue for live entertainment.

The evening started off on the right foot with the always popular “Red Hot Chili Peckers” serving up an awesome set of Peppers classics. While the crowd continued to file in and fill Monte’s to near capacity, the energy was building, and the anticipation of Razorboy returning to the stage was impossible to ignore. As I mentioned earlier, Razorboy was famous for their big productions. The bands frontman Jackie Smith knew expectations for this gig were going to be high so he went all out, employing some of Tour Tech East’s finest technicians to provide the lighting and audio production for Razorboy’s reunion. The lights in Monte’s go out and Razorboy makes their way to the stage.


The first set consisted of classics from bands like Aldo Nova, Autograph, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Whitesnake and more. It was amazing to see Jackie back on stage roughly 30 years later, looking like he had never left. The band looked like they had been together for years serving up a very polished performance.


Razorboy rocked the crowd at Monte’s just like old times. After seeing this version of the band that was a big part of the 80’s HRM bar scene, I have to say I left Monte’s impressed. Hopefully this is only the first of many successful Razorboy shows.

Here are some pictures taken at the show. Click the image to view full size.

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Review/Photography by Stephen Ruxton

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